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By working with American Trustee you capitalize on their vast network of carrier partners and products to create tailored innovative, complete benefit solutions to your client’s needs while maximizing your revenue. American Trustee can help train and prepare you and your agents to increase sales with existing clients and by showing substantial cost savings, with better products, and service closing new ones.

Providing services that can incorporate single slot billing, our products include:

Medical Coverage

Working with you to find the best coverage for your client’s situation, American Trustee utilizes both traditional medical insurance and innovative approaches to providing health insurance for your client’s specific needs. We work with over 20 different insurance providers to help tailor the right plan that can include self-funded plans, reference based plans, limited self funding plans, and many other types of plans.

Dental and Vision
Much like for Medical coverage, American Trustee works with a variety of carriers and Third Party Administrators to design the right Dental and Vision coverage for your client’s.
Basic Group Life/VGTL
Working with multiple top carriers, American Trustee negotiates the best rates for your clients for Basic Group Term Life Insurance. Not only will this help save your current groups money, but it can also help close new groups by showing an immediate cost savings. In turn it also saves the employees money on their Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance.
Short Term and Long Term Disability
Utilizing the right mixture of group and individual products and carriers, American Trustee can help you provide the most cost effective and best DI coverage.
Voluntary Life
From Term Insurance to Whole Life to Universal Life, American Trustee has relationships with the best Life Insurance Carriers in the industry.
Critical Illness
As one of the early adopters of the CI products, American Trustee has worked with many different CI carriers and different types of CI products. From a traditional CI to a life based CI product we can find the most competitive products based on industry, case size and geographic location both as individual and group products, with dozens of carrier options to fit your needs.
Innovative products such as an Accident Expense product to traditional indemnity products. American Trustee gives you access to a wide variety of Accident Products.
Hospital Indemnity/GAP plans
More often than not, the HI and Gap plans are part of your client’s innovative Medical coverage, but sometimes they are utilized on a voluntary basis. American Trustee works with numerous carriers to provide the right solution.
Other Products
Include LTC on a Life Policy, HSA, FSA, Legal Insurance, Telephonic Medicine, and many other products and solutions.

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